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Sri Satyanarayana Marathe is Vedic Priest

had his formal education at Shankarcharya Veda Pathashala Sringeri,5 years Shakaracharya Paathashala Dharw ada-Karnataka(India), for 2 years in accordance with the Vedic tradition. With a wealth of 15 years of experience as a priest in USA and 7 years in India.

Sri Satyanarayana Marathe will also explain the meaning and significance of the ceremony with an ardent goal of passing the Indian religious tradition to our next generation. He is fluent in English, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Konkani and Tulu and same extend in Telugu .

The Lord has now provided us with this unique opportunity of the service of Sri.Satyanarayana Marathe, who is now available for all types of Marathi , north Indian, and south Indian religious rituals and Poojas in , Washington DC area and around USA. He is available on weekends as well as weekdays. He has self transportation to Pooja sites.


  • Sri Shringeri Shaarada Peetha (Karnataka, India) 1989 -94 Rigveda
  • Sri Shankaracharya Paathashale Dharwada (Karnataka)1994-96 Rigveda & Jotisha
  • Priest at Ganapathy Devasthana (Mandir), Hubli (1996)
  • Teaching Vedas, freelance priest at Mumbai, India (1997 – 2003)
  • As a Priest at Shiva Vishnu Temple, Maryland, USA (2003 - 2007)
  • Chief Pundit @ Bharat-Darshan Sri Ram Temple Brandywine Maryland 2007-2012
  • Now chief priest @ Siddhivinaayak Temple
  • Teaching Vedic Class every sunday

Shastri Kadam Lodariya -Priest at siddhivinayak Temple.

Had his formal education at Shree Dakor SanskriMahavidhyalaya ,Dakor for 9 years in the vedic tradition. Worked at Ram Mandir for 5 years as a priest in India

He can speak and explain in English, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Hindi Fluently.

He perform all kinds of Hindu Poojas. He is Available in Washington DC Area

All kinds of Hindu Poojas include Satyanarayan Katha, Ganesh Yag, Homatmak Laghu Rudra, Vishnu Yag , Navchandi, Vastu, Laxmihom, Greh Pravesh , Lagan Vidhi, 16 Sankar Vidhi etc

  • Priest at Ganapathy Devasthana (Mandir), Hubli (1996)
  • Contact Number : +12409195441
  • Address : Siddhivinayak temple , Glen Burnie MD
  • Gmail :